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     Does your Company or Organizationg have

a special offer that you would like

       1000's of people in the local area to see?

Your customers are already here at the

     mall, so advertise on the Jolly Express Train to make sure they see your special sale or offer!

  Name your Price!!

Here is the deal... contact us by email to make sure we have the space avaliable to adverstise on the train, if we do we will lock the date for your company's sale  and all you have to do is print your signs with your special sale for the week and bring us a check payable to Jolly Express for half of what your budget allows and a check for the other half payable to Ann & Roberty H Lurie

Children's Hospital of Chicago , for a tax deductible donation in your Company's name.

      Let's all do what we can

           to help children!!! 

               ""Catch a Ride ""

Advertise and help those that need our help and Thank you for choosing Jolly Express

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